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Pro Evolution Soccer

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  • Windows XP
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2008 28/09/07
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  • Windows XP

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Processor: 1,4 GHz 3,0 GHz
Memory: 512 MB 1,0 MB
Video: 64 MB 256 MB
Screen resolution: 1280x720
DirectX: DirectX 9.0c. DirectX 9.0c.
Others: Graphics card with Pixel Shader 1.1 (from NVIDIA GeForce 3 or ATI Radeon 8500) USB Gamepad -NVIDIA - GeForce 6600, 6800, 7300, 7600, 7800, 7900, GeForce FX (5950, 5900, 5800, 5600, 5200), GeForce4 Ti, GeForce3 -ATI - Radeon x1600, x1800, x1900, x800, 9800, 9700, 9600, 9500, 9200, 9000, 8500
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Pro Evolution Soccer 2008 28/09/07 Trial version English
  • Windows XP

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  • Games are limited to matches between Spain, Argentina, Brazil, France, Portugal and Turkey.
  • Voices are not available in the demo.

The best soccer game just got better

Tony Aldridge

Review last updated: 05/05/14

  • Teamvision feature develops AI
  • Gameplay changes are subtle

Critically acclaimed, multi-million selling and still the most respected football title on the planet, Pro Evolution Soccer continues to be one of Konami’s flagship titles. The indications are that this latest incarnation will surpass everything that went before it and prove that PES 2008 will be the greatest version of the beautiful game to date.

Key to PES 2008 is a proprietary adaptive AI system entitled Teamvision. Unique to the Konami game, Teamvision is a sophisticated AI programming that learns and adapts according to an individual's style of play. As such, it will learn new ways to build attacks and to counter specific movements and previous attacking or defensive errors, ensuring games are more in line with the tactical but flowing nature of the real thing.

With the Pro Evolution Soccer series renowned for its fluid, realistic gameplay, the new game builds on the implementation of Teamvision with additional key advances. As with previous releases since its inception in 1996, the ball is again treated as a separate entity, with the timing of shots entirely down to the player, while the new AI ensures that defenders work to close down space and block efforts on goal. Similarly, distribution of passes works along the same lines, with players using the space available to them to switch the ball. Close control has also been enhanced with more control when dribbling the ball, and a number of subtle moves added to bypass defenders and move the ball into space.

Working in conjunction with the Teamvision system, every aspect of Pro Evolution Soccer 2008's on-field play has been reworked and fine-tuned to create the balanced and strategic play of a high stakes match. Set-pieces have been improved, with full control given over the number of players and the position of the defensive wall. A wider range of set piece options are also available to make use of specific talents within the team.

"It's awesome"

i like it because it's fast & easy to score goals in the game

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15 Nov 2014
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